Accelerometer data graph from two years of GPS tracking of the Cinereous Vulture called "VCF Know-how" that was involved in incubation during two consecutive breeding cycles. The black arrows indicate the start and end (left to the right) of the periods of temporal disruption of the "normal" accelerometer data graph pattern, which coincides with the incubation period when the bird is frequently lying in the nest.

  Part of: Ivanov I, Stoynov E, Stoyanov G, Kmetova–Biro E, Andevski J, Peshev H, Marin S, Terraube J, Bonchev L, Stoev IP, Tavares J, Loercher F, Huyghe M, Nikolova Z, Vangelova N, Stanchev S, Mitrevichin E, Tilova E, Grozdanov A (2023) First results from the releases of Cinereous Vultures (Aegypius monachus) aiming at re-introducing the species in Bulgaria – the start of the establishment phase 2018–2022. Biodiversity Data Journal 11: e100521.