A map of the location of the Cinereous Vulture release sites in Bulgaria and the respective number of individuals released by site and method in the period 2018–2022. The red circle with the inscription "Dadia" points out the location of the last autochthonous colony of the Cinereous Vulture in the Balkan Peninsula – Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli Forest National Park.

  Part of: Ivanov I, Stoynov E, Stoyanov G, Kmetova–Biro E, Andevski J, Peshev H, Marin S, Terraube J, Bonchev L, Stoev IP, Tavares J, Loercher F, Huyghe M, Nikolova Z, Vangelova N, Stanchev S, Mitrevichin E, Tilova E, Grozdanov A (2023) First results from the releases of Cinereous Vultures (Aegypius monachus) aiming at re-introducing the species in Bulgaria – the start of the establishment phase 2018–2022. Biodiversity Data Journal 11: e100521. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.11.e100521