BI/ML-tree, Bayesian phylogenetic tree of 37 genes (24 rRNAs, 13PCGs) from 31 species of Strigiformes. The node labels are BI/ML posterior probability and bootstrap support value, respectively and the scale indicates the probability of nucleotide change within each branch length. The GenBank of the sequences has been indicated next to the species name. Branches of different subfamilies are distinguished by different colours, with Tytoninae (with Phodilus badius, Tyto longimembris and Tyto alba) being the out-group. The Strix aluco mitochondrial genome obtained by this sequencing has been marked by ★.

  Part of: Wang Y, Zhan H, Zhang Y, Long Z, Yang X (2023) Mitochondrial genome analysis, phylogeny and divergence time evaluation of Strix aluco (Aves, Strigiformes, Strigidae). Biodiversity Data Journal 11: e101942.