References to specimens in an article begin with an institutionCode that identifies the repository holding the specimen. A. A cited specimen includes a reference to an institution and catalog number (from Mesibov 2015p.143). B. The Inst.Code tab to the right of the ZooKeys article presents a list of all institutionCodes mentioned in the article. Each institutionCode listed on the Inst.Code tab is linked to the corresponding institution record in GRBio. The "T" icon next to each institution is linked to all mentions of that institution in the article (from index area, Mesibov 2015).  C. The institution's name in B is hyperlinked to the corresponding GRBio record.

  Part of: Schindel D, Miller S, Trizna M, Graham E, Crane A (2016) The Global Registry of Biodiversity Repositories: A Call for Community Curation. Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e10293.