Stachyotropha punctifera: A, B head, male (A: dorsal; B: lateral); C proleg; D protibia, ventral; E profemur, ventral; F, G abdominal sternite VII, ventral (F: male; G: female); H, I pygophore (H: dorsal; I: lateral); J median process of pygophore, caudal; K paramere, in different views; L–N phallus (L: lateral; M: dorsal; N: expanded phallosoma dorsal view). Arrows in D, E indicate front direction. Scale bars: 1 mm for A–G, 0.5 mm for H–I and K–N and 0.25 mm for J. (Abbreviations: bp, basal plates; pd, pedicel; plb, phallobase; plt, phallotheca).

  Part of: Okuda K, Chen Z (2023) A new synonym of a species of Stachyotropha Stål, 1871, a genus of Asian Stenopodainae (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Reduviidae). Biodiversity Data Journal 11: e102977.