Occurence map of all records belonging to the three mantid species in Portugal. Light-coloured circles correspond to formerly published records while the dark are new records. Green circles: Sphodromantis viridis; Blue circles: Apteromantis aptera; Yellow circles: Perlamantis allibertii.

  Part of: Marabuto E, Rodrigues I, Henriques S (2014) Sphodromantis viridis (Forskal, 1775): New for Portugal and new records of the rare and small mantids Apteromantis aptera (Fuente, 1894) and Perlamantis allibertii Guérin-Méneville, 1843 in the country (Mantodea: Mantidae and Amorphoscelidae). Biodiversity Data Journal 2: e1037. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.2.e1037