Total number of BINs per month (in parentheses), private BINs per month (in non-overlaid colored fields), and BIN overlap during the course of the summer and between months. For example, the highest number of private BINs not present in any other month occurred in July (481 & 644), while the highest number of shared BINs occurred between June and July (171 & 187) and the number of BINs present throughout the sampling period was 52 and 55; GMTPE left and GMTPZ right. 

  Part of: Geiger M, Moriniere J, Hausmann A, Haszprunar G, Wägele W, Hebert P, Rulik B (2016) Testing the Global Malaise Trap Program – How well does the current barcode reference library identify flying insects in Germany? Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e10671.