The EOL richness score is the sum of three weighted components: breadth, depth, and diversity. Breadth considers the different media types of information objects (including the number of different subjects available for text), depth considers both average and total number of words in text objects, and diversity considers the number of different sources of information, or providers. Normalized object values are scaled to be between 0 and 1 and put on a log-based scale such that the first objects counts more than the second up to a chosen limit at which point the value is 1 and additional objects of that type have no impact on the richness. The final score is multiplied by 100, so that it ranges from 0 to 100. For more detailed information, see

  Part of: Parr C, Wilson N, Leary P, Schulz K, Lans K, Walley L, Hammock J, Goddard A, Rice J, Studer M, Holmes J, Corrigan Jr. R (2014) The Encyclopedia of Life v2: Providing Global Access to Knowledge About Life on Earth. Biodiversity Data Journal 2: e1079.