Soil mapping units at Shaken Creek Preserve. Coll. area = collection area; PL = powerline right-of-way; BaB = Baymeade fine sand; Ct = Croatan muck; Fo = Foreston loamy fine sand; LnA = Leon fine sand; Ma = Mandarin fine sand; Mk = Muckalee loam, frequently flooded; Mu = Murville muck; PaA = Pactolus fine sand; Pn = Pantego mucky fine sandy loam; St = Stallings loamy fine sand; To = Torhunta mucky fine sandy loam; Wo = Woodington fine sandy loam. Based on data from Barnhill (1990, 1992). Baseline imagery from Bing Maps Aerial, courtesy of Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) (2011).

  Part of: Thornhill R, Krings A, Lindbo D, Stucky J (2014) Guide to the Vascular Flora of the Savannas and Flatwoods of Shaken Creek Preserve and Vicinity (Pender & Onslow Counties, North Carolina, U.S.A.). Biodiversity Data Journal 2: e1099.