Distribution by community type of taxa collected or reported from Shaken Creek Preserve. Values above columns indicate the total number of taxa (i.e., rare and non-rare) collected or reported from each community type. "Rare taxa” are those taxa listed by the NC Natural Heritage Program as Significantly Rare or Watch List (Gadd and Finnegan 2012). Community types follow Schafale (2012) and are arranged according to increasing soil moisture (i.e., from the driest to wettest community type). Abbreviations are as follows: PSOS-MT = Pine/Scrub Oak Sandhill (Mesic Transition subtype); MPS-CP = Mesic Pine Savanna (Coastal Plain subtype); WPF-T = Wet Pine Flatwoods (Typic subtype); SPS-T = Sandy Pine Savanna (Typic subtype); SPS-RF = Sandy Pine Savanna (Rush Featherling subtype); WLPS = Wet Loamy Pine Savanna; VWLPS = Very Wet Loamy Pine Savanna.  
  Part of: Thornhill R, Krings A, Lindbo D, Stucky J (2014) Guide to the Vascular Flora of the Savannas and Flatwoods of Shaken Creek Preserve and Vicinity (Pender & Onslow Counties, North Carolina, U.S.A.). Biodiversity Data Journal 2: e1099. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.2.e1099