Habitats of Pytho abieticola J. R. Sahlberg, 1875 in Lithuania: a, b Šešuva Reserve (N54.934772 E24.252475), Kaišiadorys District Municipality; c, d Punios šilas (N54.545196 E24.022972), Alytus District Municipality; e, f Punios šilas (N54.545055, E24.030973), Alytus District Municipality. Note the flight interception trap in photos d-e (photos a & b - Romas Ferenca, c-f - Vytautas Tamutis).

  Part of: Jaskuła R, Ćoso D, Tamutis V, Ferenca R (2024) Updated distributional checklist of the genus Pytho Latreille, 1796 of the Palearctic realm with the first records of P. abieticola J. R. Sahlberg, 1875 from Lithuania and the family Pythidae (Coleoptera) from Moldova and Serbia. Biodiversity Data Journal 12: e115422. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.12.e115422