Selected images from the legacy taxonomic literature depicting the male of purported Opadometa grata (according to the current World Spider Catalog 2018) with notation of geographic location. a-h: pedipalp with attention to the cymbial basal apophysis (CBP, see Kuntner et al. 2008). i-k, male prosoma with attention to the chelicerae.

a: Kulczyński 1911: plate 19, fig. 31 from New Guinea.

b: Berland 1938: fig. 117 (reversed), from New Hebredes.

c: Archer 1951: fig. 13 (reversed), location unspecified (New Guinea?).

d: Chrysanthus 1963: fig 22, New Guinea. 

e: Wang 1991: fig. 6, China (reproduced as fig. 123C in Song et al. 1999).

f: Zhu et al. 2003: fig. 161D, China.

g: Kuntner et al. 2008: fig. 18D, New Guinea.

h: Ono 2011: fig. 87 (reversed), Japan.

i: Chrysanthus 1963: fig 21, New Guinea.

j: Wang 1991: fig. 4, China.

k: Ono 2011: fig. 83, Japan.

  Part of: Miller J, Freund C, Rambonnet L, Koets L, Barth N, van der Linden C, Geml J, Schilthuizen M, Burger R, Goossens B (2018) Dispatch from the field II: the mystery of the red and blue Opadometa male (Araneae, Tetragnathidae, Opadometa sarawakensis). Biodiversity Data Journal 6: e24777.