Map depicting known records of Cryptotis nelsoni in Los Tuxtlas, south-eastern Mexico. The three main volcanoes in Los Tuxtlas are indicated: (1) San Martin Tuxtla, (2) Santa Marta and (3) San Martín Pajapan. White circles are records from 2003 and 2004 in San Martín Tuxtla (Cervantes and Guevara 2010); white triangles and star (Mastagaga hill) are the new localities reported in our study. Black points are database records of other small mammals collected with the same sampling techniques as shrews, while the histogram shows the elevational distribution of these records. Darker colours indicate increasingly high elevation areas, while the dashed line depicts Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve.  Reddish pixels at 1 km2 indicate climatically suitable areas for Cryptotis nelsoni according to the maxent model; more reddish colours indicate more suitable habitat conditions.

  Part of: Guevara L, Sánchez-Cordero V (2018) New records of a critically endangered shrew from Mexican cloud forests (Soricidae, Cryptotis nelsoni) and prospects for future field research. Biodiversity Data Journal 6: e26667.