Map of the Iberian Peninsula with the location of the national parks and the plots where the sampling protocol COBRA was applied. For each park, squares denote the number of plots and the oak forest type (colour code labels in the inset). Northern parks are Picos de Europa (P), Ordesa (O), Aigüestortes (A). Southern parks Monfragüe (M), Cabañeros (C), Sierra Nevada (S). See Table 1 for additional information on plots and parks.

  Part of: Crespo L, Domènech M, Enguídanos A, Malumbres-Olarte J, Cardoso P, Moya-Laraño J, Frías-López C, Macías-Hernández N, De Mas E, Mazzuca P, Mora E, Opatova V, Planas E, Ribera C, Roca-Cusachs M, Ruiz D, Sousa P, Tonzo V, Arnedo M (2018) A DNA barcode-assisted annotated checklist of the spider (Arachnida, Araneae) communities associated to white oak woodlands in Spanish National Parks. Biodiversity Data Journal 6: e29443.