Example natural history observations A and ontology axioms B. The axioms allow a computer to understand, for example, that if insect_01 is a “parasitoid of” insect_02, it is also true that insect_01 “feeds on” insect_02.

  Part of: Stucky B, Balhoff J, Barve N, Barve V, Brenskelle L, Brush M, Dahlem G, Gilbert J, Kawahara A, Keller O, Lucky A, Mayhew P, Plotkin D, Seltmann K, Talamas E, Vaidya G, Walls R, Yoder M, Zhang G, Guralnick R (2019) Developing a vocabulary and ontology for modeling insect natural history data: example data, use cases, and competency questions. Biodiversity Data Journal 7: e33303. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.7.e33303