The GBIO Framework (Hobern et al. 2012) identified 20 components as essential elements of biodiversity informatics and organised as four layers: Culture, Data, Evidence and Understanding. The framework offered a coordinated model for delivering the data products required to support biodiversity assessments and indicators. An organised approach of this kind also facilitated the bidirectional linkages necessary with other research domains (environment, climate, agriculture etc.), particularly to refine modelled representations of biodiversity. The GBIO Framework (and the efforts of other research domains) should benefit from and build on research infrastructure investments that are in place or planned in many countries and regions.

  Part of: Hobern D, Baptiste B, Copas K, Guralnick R, Hahn A, van Huis E, Kim E, McGeoch M, Naicker I, Navarro L, Noesgaard D, Price M, Rodrigues A, Schigel D, Sheffield C, Wieczorek J (2019) Connecting data and expertise: a new alliance for biodiversity knowledge. Biodiversity Data Journal 7: e33679.