Map of Fennoscandia showing collection localities for Zuskamira inexpectata in Sweden: (S1) Klacka-Lerberg, (S2) Sälen, (S3) Tierp, (S4) Lima and (S5) Orsa; in Germany: (G1) Nieste, (G2) "Holmer Fischteiche", (G3) Logaerfeld and (G4) Flensburg; and in Finland: (F1) Lohja. Detailed locality information in results section. Semi-transparent red lines represent the borders of the latitudinal and longitudinal bands in which Z. inexpectata has been found.

  Part of: Ang Y, Rohner P, Meier R (2015) Across the Baltic: a new record for an enigmatic black scavenger fly, Zuskamira inexpectata (Pont, 1987) (Sepsidae) in Finland. Biodiversity Data Journal 3: e4308.