Comparative figure of similar species in the genus Crepidodera Dejean, 1836 species, showing size and colour variation of Crepidodera aurata Marsham, 1802 and C. nigricoxis Allard, 1878, with an example of Crepidodera plutus (Latreille, 1804) for comparison. Site number given for each individual. Scale bars whole insect = 2 mm, aedeagus = 0.5 mm. DNA barcoding clearly distinguishes the species.

  Part of: Canty R, Ruzzier E, Cronk QC, Percy DM (2019) Salix transect of Europe: additional leaf beetle (Chrysomelidae) records and insights from chrysomelid DNA barcoding. . Biodiversity Data Journal 7: e46663.