Number of occurrences per Kingdom (taxon rank) (A), per animal Phylum (B), per arthropod Class (C) and per vertebrate Class (D), within 10 years intervals since 1956, as well as within 2017 including the BioBlitz on July 18-20 at the Biological Field Station Paimpont, France. Note that the first interval is 11 years.

  Part of: Nicolai A, Guernion M, Guillocheau S, Hoeffner K, Le Gouar P, Ménard N, Piscart C, Vallet D, Hervé MET, Benezeth E, Chedanne H, Blémus J, Vernon P, Cylly D, Hotte H, Loïs G, Mai B, Perez G, Ouisse T, Monard C, Wiegand C, Caudal J-P, Butet A, Dahirel M, Barbe L, Balbi M, Briand V, Bormans M, Charrier M, Bouger G, Jung V, Le Lann C, Pannard A, Petillon J, Rantier Y, Marguerie D, Tougeron K, Devogel P, Dugravot S, Dubos T, Garrin M, Carnet M, Gouraud C, Chambet A, Esnault J, Poupelin M, Welk E, Bütof A, Dubois GF, Humbert G, Marie-Réau O, Norvez O, Richard G, Froger B, Rochais C, Potthoff M, Ayati K, Bellido A, Rissel A, Santonja M, Farcy J-O, Collias E, Sene L, Cluzeau D, Supper R (2020) Transdisciplinary Bioblitz: Rapid biotic and abiotic inventory allows studying environmental changes over 60 years at the Biological Field Station of Paimpont (Brittany, France) and opens new interdisciplinary research opportunities. Biodiversity Data Journal 8: e50451.