Female epigyne of Clubiona milingae. A. Epigyne, intact, ventral view; B. Epigyne, cleared, ventral view; C. Vulva, cleared, dorsal view; D. Epigyne, cleared and embedded in Arabic gum, ventral view; E. Vulva, cleared and embedded in Arabic gum, dorsal view. Scale bars: 0.1 mm. Abbreviations: BS, bursa; CD, copulatory duct; CO, copulatory opening; FD, fertilisation duct; SP, spermatheca.

  Part of: Zhang J, Yu H, Chen J (2020) First description of the female of Clubiona milingae Barrion-Dupo, Barrion & Heong, 2013 (Araneae, Clubionidae). Biodiversity Data Journal 8: e51789. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.8.e51789