Phylogram generated from Maximum Likelihood analysis, based on combined SSU, LSU, ITS, RPB2 and TEF1 sequence data for Bambusicolaceae. Maximum Likelihood bootstrap values (ML) ≥ 70% and posterior probabilities (PP) ≥ 0.95 are given above each node. The GenBank accession numbers are provided at the right side of the species names. Strains of the novel species are visualised in blue-bold and holotype materials are symbolized with H.

  Part of: Wijesinghe SN, Wang Y, Camporesi E, Wanasinghe DN, Boonmee S, Hyde KD (2020) A new genus of Bambusicolaceae (Pleosporales) on Corylus avellana (Fagales) from Italy. Biodiversity Data Journal 8: e55957.