Species richness of free-living marine nematode assemblages in seagrass beds. (a) Observed species richness per site (α-diversity) with 0.95 confidence intervals. (b) Expected number of species (ES) rarefied to a sample of 100 nematodes per site. (c) Accumulation curves of observed species richness and the non-parametric Chao 2 estimator with all sites combined (γ-diversity).

  Part of: Armenteros M, Rodríguez-García P, Pérez-García JA, Gracia A (2020) Diversity patterns of free-living nematode assemblages in seagrass beds from the Cuban archipelago (Caribbean Sea). Biodiversity Data Journal 8: e58848. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.8.e58848