The distance decay of similarity for pairwise similarity values (Sorensen Index) of free-living marine nematode assemblages and shortest geographical distance between sites. Sorensen similarities are based on matrices of functional traits. Left column: Trophic groups (selective deposit feeders = 1A, non-selective deposit feeders = 1B, epigrowth feeders = 2A and predator/omnivores = 2B). Right column: Coloniser/persister scale (c-p 2 good coloniser/poor persister to c-p 5 bad coloniser/good persister).

  Part of: Armenteros M, Rodríguez-García P, Pérez-García JA, Gracia A (2020) Diversity patterns of free-living nematode assemblages in seagrass beds from the Cuban archipelago (Caribbean Sea). Biodiversity Data Journal 8: e58848.