Phylogeny of the family Didymellaceae, reconstructed from the combined ITS–LSU–RPB2–TUB2 dataset. Leptosphaeria conoidea (CBS 616.75) and L. doliolum (CBS 505.75) serve as outgroup taxa. ML ≥ 70 and PP ≥ 0.95 are presented above each node. The new isolate is indicated in bold; T = type strains. The scale bar represents the expected number of nucleotide substitutions per site.

  Part of: Wijesinghe SN, Wang Y, Zucconi L, Dayarathne MC, Boonmee S, Camporesi E, Wanasinghe DN, Hyde KD (2021) Additions to Italian Pleosporinae, including Italica heraclei sp. nov. Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e59648.