Phomatodes nebulosa (MFLU 18-2685). a-b. Conidiomata on a dead stem of Urtica dioica Rosales, Urticaceae). c. Longitudinal section of a conidioma. d. Conidiomatal wall. e-f. Development stages of conidiogenesis. g-j. Conidiospores. k. Germinating conidium. l-m. Colonies on PDA (l upper, m lower). Scale bars: a = 100 μm, c = 50 μm, b, k = 20 μm, d-e = 10 μm, f-j = 5 μm.

  Part of: Wijesinghe SN, Wang Y, Zucconi L, Dayarathne MC, Boonmee S, Camporesi E, Wanasinghe DN, Hyde KD (2021) Additions to Italian Pleosporinae, including Italica heraclei sp. nov. Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e59648.