Determination characters of selected species: A. Baetis braaschi, colouration of abdominal terga; B. Baetis ilex, posterior margin of abdominal terga; C. B. ilex, labrum; D. B. ilex, labial palp; E. Baetis samochai, apical part of left mandible; F. B. samochai, apical part of right mandible; G. B. samochai, middle section of femur with short setae on posterior margin (arrow); H. B. samochai, posterior margin of abdominal terga; I. Epeorus zaitzevi, section of abdomen ventrally with lateral protuberances (arrow); J. E. zaitzevi, details of abdominal terga; K. Ecdyonurus ornatipennis, setae on basal part of hind femur; L. E. ornatipennis, setae on distal part of hind femur; M. E. ornatipennis, colouration of abdominal sterna; N. Electrogena pseudaffinis, part of thorax with rounded posterior corners of pronotum (arrow); O. E. pseudaffinis, colouration of abdominal terga; P. E. pseudaffinis, setae on basal part of middle femur; Q. E. pseudaffinis, setae on distal part of middle femur; R. Caenis luctuosa, setae on forefemur.

  Part of: Khudhur FA, Sroka P (2021) Updated check-list of the mayflies (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) of Iraq. Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e63830.