The inserted locator map indicates the location of the Griffon Vulture autochthonous population in the Eastern Rhodopes, southern Bulgaria (shaded), as compared to the four re-introduction areas with their respecitve release sites (i.e. Kotel and SKNP in EBM shown within the red square, CBNP, VBNP and Kresna Gorge) throughout Bulgaria (all release sites are indicated with yellow stars). The close-up map presents the release area in EBM with Kotlenska Planina SPA (blue polygon) and Sinite Kamani - Grebenets SPA (red polygon). The pink shaded area represents 95% of the home-range of the Griffon Vulture in EBM in 2020, while the black shaded spots depict 50% of the core area. Data calculated on the basis of GPS-tracked individuals. 

  Part of: Kmetova–Biro E, Stoynov E, Ivanov I, Peshev H, Marin S, Bonchev L, Stoev IP, Stoyanov G, Nikolova Z, Vangelova N, Parvanov D, Grozdanov A (2021) Re-introduction of Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) in the Eastern Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria – completion of the establishment phase 2010-2020. Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e66363.