Ischnothyreus yueluensis Yin & Wang, 1984, male (SYNU-450) A. habitus, dorsal view; B. prosoma, dorsal view; C. habitus, ventral view; D. prosoma, ventral view; E. habitus, lateral view; F. prosoma, anterior view; G. left chelicerae, anterior view; H. left chelicerae, lateral view; I. left chelicerae, posterior view. Abbreviations: sp = stick-shaped process, stp = strong, tooth-like projection. Scale bars: 0.4 (A–F) and 0.05 (G–I).

  Part of: Huang Y, Tong Y, Bian D, Li S (2021) One new species of the genus Ischnothyreus Simon, 1893 and re-description of I. yueluensis Yin & Wang, 1984 from China (Araneae, Oonopidae). Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e66843.