Map of Madrona Marsh Preserve.

Each red X-mark indicates the location of one of the ten pitfall traps.  Each purple C-mark indicates the location of one of the eight sets of three coverboards.

Vegetation is shown in shades of green and yellow, vernal pools in pink, water inundation levels in shades of blue, the remaining upland areas in shades of light brown, and man-made structures in darker brown.  Prominent trees and shrubs are indicated by black letters in pink-rimmed white circles.  The Nature Center, surrounded by native plant gardens, is located north of Plaza del Amo, and the sump, a neighborhood runoff water collection reservoir, is located in the southeast corner of the preserve.

Map created by Jerry Cole, 2011.

  Part of: Fiesler E, Drake T (2016) Macro-invertebrate Biodiversity of a Coastal Prairie with Vernal Pool Habitat. Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e6732.