Pyrostephos vanhoeffeni. Drawing from the original account by Moser (1925) of a juvenile specimen (length ca. 25 mm) missing the pneumatophore and distal end (A) and a piece (length 6 mm) of another specimen including the nectosome with pneumatophore, but missing nectophores and a part of the siphosome (B), from Gauss Station, Antarctica. C-F. Specimen MCMEC2019_Pyrostephos_vanhoeffeni_b observed on 29/11/2019: whole specimen (C), apex nectosome (D), part of nectosome when contracting (E) and pneumatophore (F). G-H. Siphosome of specimen MCMEC2019_Pyrostephos_vanhoeffeni_a observed on 25/11/2019. Abbreviations: g., gastrozooids; nc., nectophore; ne., nematocysts; os., ostium; os. v., ostial velum; ol., oleocyst; pn., pneumatophore; s. b. z., siphosomal budding zone; t, tentacles. C-H photos courtesy: E. Cimoli.

  Part of: Verhaegen G, Cimoli E, Lindsay D (2021) Life beneath the ice: jellyfish and ctenophores from the Ross Sea, Antarctica, with an image-based training set for machine learning. Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e69374.