Locations of imagery stations within the INDEX exploration area. a) Overview map of the southwestern Indian Ocean showing the ridge spreading axes (red line). b) Cluster 1-12 of the GLA for polymetallic massive sulphide exploration. The red boxes show the areas enlarged in C-F; each includes imagery transects conducted in each area. c) MESO area and Cluster 4. d) Cluster 5 and 6. e) Cluster 8 and 9. f) Cluster 11 and 12. Bathymetry data provided by the Federal Institute for Geoscience and Natural Resources (BGR).

  Part of: Gerdes K, Kihara TC, Martínez Arbizu P, Kuhn T, Schwarz-Schampera U, Mah CL, Norenburg JL, Linley TD, Shalaeva K, Macpherson E, Gordon D, Stöhr S, Messing CG, Bober S, Guggolz T, Christodoulou M, Gebruk A, Kremenetskaia A, Kroh A, Sanamyan K, Bolstad K, Hoffman L, Gooday AJ, Molodtsova T (2021) Megafauna of the German exploration licence area for seafloor massive sulphides along the Central and South East Indian Ridge (Indian Ocean). Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e69955. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.9.e69955