The phylogram generated from MP analysis, based on combined ITS, tub2 and tef1 sequence data of Neopestalotiopsis. The tree was rooted with Pestalotiopsis diversiseta (MFLUCC 12-0287) and P. trachicarpicola (OP068). Maximum Parsimony and Maximum Likelihood bootstrap values ≥ 50%, Bayesian posterior probabilities ≥ 0.90 (MPBS/MLBS/PPBY) were given at the nodes. Our strains in this study were in green. Ex-type strains were marked by T.

  Part of: Yang Q, Zeng X-Y, Yuan J, Zhang Q, He Y-K, Wang Y (2021) Two new species of Neopestalotiopsis from southern China. Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e70446.