Crinoidea sp. Specimen NHM_008. (a) Specimen attached to polymetallic nodule, live photograph, after recovery from box core. (b) Preserved specimen following DNA extraction. (c) Detail of crown, calyx and basals. Scale bars (a) 3mm, (b) 1mm, (c) 0.5mm. Image attribution Glover, Dahlgren & Wiklund 2015.

  Part of: Glover A, Wiklund H, Rabone M, Amon D, Smith C, O'Hara T, Mah C, Dahlgren T (2016) Abyssal fauna of the UK-1 polymetallic nodule exploration claim, Clarion-Clipperton Zone, central Pacific Ocean: Echinodermata. Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e7251.