Percent cover (%) of coral reef benthic components including Acropora Table (AT), Anemone (ANE), Coralline Algae (CA), Branching Coral (CB), Encrusting Coral (CE), Massive Coral (CM), Coral Millepora (CME), Coral Mushroom (CMR), Submassive Coral (CSM), Dead Coral (DC), Dead Coral with Algae (DCA), Macroalgae (MA), Rubble (R), Sand (SA), Soft Coral (SC), Silt (SI), Sponge (SP), Turf Algae (TA), Unidentified Abiotic (UN) and Zooanthids (ZO). 

  Part of: Edullantes B, Maglangit F, Ortiz AM, Casibo JMR, Vicentuan LLC, Bensig EO (2021) A benchmark survey of plankton, fish and benthic composition in Poblacion and Kadurong Reefs in Liloan, Cebu, Philippines. Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e72537.