Coelotes vignai Brignoli, 1978, male from Bolu, Abant, Turkey, left male palp A prolateral; B ventral; C retrolateral views. Distal cymbial spines omitted in A, C. C—conductor [SPD:0000179], dC—dorsal part of conductor, E—embolus [SPD:0000176], MA—median apophysis [SPD:0000178], PA—patellar apophysis [SPD:0000285], rC—retrolateral branch of conductor, RTA—retrolateral tibial apophysis [SPD:0000156], S—spermophor [SPD:0000177], ST—subtegulum [SPD:0000171], vC—ventral part of conductor.

  Part of: Dimitrov DK, Jäger P (2021) Coelotes vignai Brignoli, 1978 (Araneae: Agelenidae) from Turkey: first description of male and annotations on terminology of copulatory organs. Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e73127.