Results of the morphometric analysis of three species of Sphaeriidae from Morocco. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) with variables that contributed most to the PCA analysis, based on the measured ratios. Length L (maximum distance on the anterior – posterior axis), length of anterior part LA, length of posterior part LP, height H (maximum distance on the dorsal-ventral axis), length of umbo LU, length of the ligament of the left valve LL, length of the hinge LH, height of the hinge of the left valve HH; Mean outline of semi-landmarks of the three species (species symbols as in A).

  Part of: Rassam H, Ghamizi M, Benaissa H, Clewing C, Albrecht C (2021) The fingernail clams (Bivalvia: Veneroida: Sphaeriidae) of Morocco: Diversity, distribution and conservation status. Biodiversity Data Journal 9: e73346.