Bar plot summarising unique species reports by data source. Taxonomic overlap between catalogues includes 263 species reports that are common between sources. Note: voucher specimens representing two cnidarian species, cited by Agassiz (1862) and McMurrich (1921), could not be traced to a research collection, yet are here enumerated among 'collected specimens'.

  Part of: Simon ADF, Adamczyk EM, Basman A, Chu JWF, Gartner HN, Fletcher K, Gibbs CJ, Gibbs DM, Gilmore SR, Harbo RM, Harris LH, Humphrey E, Lamb A, Lambert P, McDaniel N, Scott J, Starzomski BM (2022) Toward an atlas of Salish Sea biodiversity: the flora and fauna of Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada. Part I. Marine zoology. Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e76050.