Study area: Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada (Salish Sea bioregion)

a. Satellite image showing Galiano Island in relation to major population centres. The Salish Sea, as a dynamic estuarine ecosystem, is illustrated in this enhanced image highlighting sediments from the Fraser and Nooksack Rivers. Imagery from Landsat-7 EMT+, 30 July 2000. Projection: UTM Zone 10 NAD83. Scale 1:200,000. – Image by Galiano Conservancy Association.

b. Physical geography reference map for the Salish Sea bioregion. The Salish Sea bioregion includes both marine waters and their upland watersheds. These boundaries technically distinguish the Salish Sea from the Puget Sound/Georgia Basin marine ecoregion (sensu Spalding et al. 2007), which is a strictly marine classification. Data from USGS, NOAA, NASA, Natural Resources Canada, CEC and Natural Earth. – Map by Aquila Flower.

  Part of: Simon ADF, Adamczyk EM, Basman A, Chu JWF, Gartner HN, Fletcher K, Gibbs CJ, Gibbs DM, Gilmore SR, Harbo RM, Harris LH, Humphrey E, Lamb A, Lambert P, McDaniel N, Scott J, Starzomski BM (2022) Toward an atlas of Salish Sea biodiversity: the flora and fauna of Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada. Part I. Marine zoology. Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e76050.