Comparisons of non-metric multidimensional scaling (nMDS) plots in BinMat (A1 and B1) and PAST (A2 and B2). Both nMDS plots are plotted for k = 2 dimensions. Data were taken from Arias et al. 2014 (A1 and A2) and Tewes et al. 2018 (B1, B2 and B4). Stress and R2 values are shown above each plot. Diagram B3 shows the original nMDS plot presented by Tewes et al. 2018, which depicts the same clustering pattern of the native range samples (T1, T3 and T4). Diagram B4 shows the SplitsTree representation of the same data (NeighborNet, Jaccard distance).

  Part of: van Steenderen C (2022) BinMat: A molecular genetics tool for processing binary data obtained from fragment analysis in R. Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e77875.