Decaisnina tomentosa M.D.Angeles, Tandang, Carab.-Ort., & Buot. A Inflorescence with distal flowers in buds and proximal flowers at anthesis. Inflorescence with flower buds. C Inflorescence in a secund raceme showing the tomentose rachis and bracts. D Close-up of bracts and bracteoles showing its tomentose nature. Note the tomentose indument covering all structures. E Twig with opposite leaves. Note the shiny surface of leaves with obscure venation. F Epicortical runner (right side) appressed against the stem of its host. Arrow points to a secondary haustorial connection. Photo credits: Marjorie delos Angeles.

  Part of: Tandang DN, delos Angeles M, Buot IJE, Devkota MP, Caraballo-Ortiz MA (2022) Decaisnina tomentosa (Loranthaceae), a new species of mistletoe from Samar Island, Philippines. Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e78457.