Photos of the spring field in Hopong. A A small dam holding spring water, inhabited by Sawbwa resplendens and Oreochromis niloticus. B A shallow dam backwater, inhabited by Danio margaritatus and D. erythromicron. C A stream flowing from the dam, inhabited by Devario sondhii and Inlecypris auropurpureus. D A ditch and shallow wetland, inhabited by Physoschistura rivulicola and Channa harcourtbutleri.

  Part of: Kano Y, Fuke Y, Musikasinthorn P, Iwata A, Soe TM, Tun S, Yun L, Win SS, Matsui S, Tabata R, Watanabe K (2022) Fish diversity of a spring field in Hopong Town, Taunggyi District, Shan State, Myanmar (the Salween River Basin), with genetic comparisons to some “species endemic to Inle Lake”. Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e80101.