Vegetation map of the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip. A, Maquis and forests; B, Park forest of Quercus ithaburensis; C, Park forest of Ceratonia siliqua and Pistacia lentiscus; D, Ziziphus lotus with herbaceous vegetation; E, Savannoid Mediterranean vegetation;F, Semi-steppe batha; G, Steppe vegetation; H, Desert vegetation; I, Sand vegetation; K, Oases with Sudanian trees; L, Desert savannoid vegetation, with swamps and reed thickets; M, Wet salines; N, Synanthropic vegetation: with Ziziphus spina-christi (L.) Desf., and Acacia raddiana trees.

  Part of: Ali-Shtayeh MS, Jamous RM, Abuzaitoun SY (2022) Analysis of floristic composition and species diversity of vascular plants native to the State of Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip). Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e80427.