Angarotipula tristis, sp. n., male holotype. (A) Hypopygium, lateral view; (B) Outer gonostylus, lateral external view; (C) Inner gonostylus, lateral view; (D) Inner gonostylus, medial view; (E) Inner gonostylus, ventral medial view; (F) Tergite nine, dorsal view; (G) Hypopygium, ventral view; (H) Gonocoxal apodeme andsperm pump, dorsal view. Scale bar (A–G): = 0.2 mm, Scale bar (H): = 0.25 mm. For abbreviations, see material and methods. Black arrows: depressions; Hollow arrows: protrusions. 

  Part of: Yang Q-C, Zhang B, Yang D, Liu X (2022) Descriptions of a new species of genus Angarotipula and life history of Angarotipula laetipennis (Alexander, 1935) (Diptera, Tipulidae). Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e82427.