(A) Relative abundance of flower-visitors across different land-uses in the islands showing disharmonic community composition; on the x-axis, the species are grouped as “Bees”, “Wasps” and “Syrphids” and the number of individuals of each species is reported in brackets after species names; (B) Number of flower visitor species on each plant; on the x-axis, the plant species are grouped as native, exotic (non-invasive) and invasive.

  Part of: Biella P, Ssymank A, Galimberti A, Galli P, Perlík M, Ramazzotti F, Rota A, Tommasi N (2022) Updating the list of flower-visiting bees, hoverflies and wasps in the central atolls of Maldives, with notes on land-use effects. Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e85107. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.10.e85107