The location of the Estação Biológica Fiocruz Mata Atlântica (EFMA) on the east side of Pedra Branca Forest (left, above), Rio de Janeiro; and the distribution of camera-traps at EFMA, in areas defined as Peridomicile (yellow), Transition Forest (light green) and Forest Core (dark green). Combinations of letters and numbers refer to camera identifications. See Table 1 for coordinates, period and effort at each point.

  Part of: Veríssimo I, Cupolillo G, Jorge BMS, Novaes RLM, Tavares JA, Gabriel MM, Costa-Neto SF, do Couto ALG, Schmidt E, Miranda A, de Andreazzi CS, Moratelli R (2022) Medium- and large-sized mammals from Estação Biológica Fiocruz Mata Atlântica, Rio de Janeiro, south-eastern Brazil. Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e86756.