Albifimbria verrucaria (MFLU 22-0048) a, b sporodochia on the host; c, e marginal hyphae; d, f, g conidiophores and phialides; h-l conidia. Scale bars: 400 μm (a, b), 100 μm (i-j), 50 μm (c), 10 μm (d-h), 5 μm (i-l).

  Part of: Samarakoon BC, Wanasinghe DN, Bhat J, Chomnunti P (2022) Taxonomy and phylogeny of Smaragdiniseta musae sp. nov. and Albifimbria verrucaria (Hypocreales, Stachybotryaceae) on Musa from Thailand. Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e89360.