Phylogenetic tree based on combined ITS, LSU sequences of most taxa of the Chaetosphaeriaceae. Species name given in bold red is a new taxon in this study; species name given in bold indicates a type strain, respectively. Asterisk (*) indicates branches with MLBS = 100% and PP value = 1.0. The ML bootstrap support values and Bayesian posterior probabilities are given above the branches (MLBS/BPP). The tree is rooted to Tracylla aristata CPC 25500 and Tracylla eucalypti CPC:31806.

  Part of: Yan X-Y, Huang J-E, Song H-Y, Gao Y, Hu H-J, Zhai Z-J, Yan J-Q, Huo G-H, Hu D-M (2023) A new species of Dictyochaeta (Sordariomycetes, Chaetosphaeriales, Chaetosphaeriaceae) from freshwater habitats in China. Biodiversity Data Journal 11: e97439.