Phylogenetic trees of Tatapani hot spring isolates which have the highest homology with the genus Anoxybacillus. The phylogenetic trees were constructed using the neighbour-joining method, based on total 16S rDNA sequencing with 100 bootstrap replicates (software MEGAX). (A) MBT009 showing similarity with A. gonensis;    (B) MBT012 showing similarity with A. mongoliensisas; (C) MBT014 with A. tengchongensis; (D) MBT008 with A. kamchatkensis; (E) MBT018 was closely related to A. karvacharensis.

  Part of: Ishaq K, Shah AH, Fariq A, Rasheed S, Jannat S (2023) Diversity of culturable thermophilic bacteria from Tata Pani hotspring of Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Biodiversity Data Journal 11: e99224.