Representative photos of Carex species (capital letters) mentioned in this work and their habitats (small letters). Carex ecuadorensis: (A,a), Imbabura, Parque Nacional de Cotacachi, type locality. Carex madida: (B,b), Pichincha, Parque Nacional Cayambe-Coca, type locality; (C,c), Carchi, Reserva Ecológica El Ángel. Carex punicola: (D,d), Pichincha, Parque Nacional Cotopaxi. Carex sodiroi: (E,e), Pichincha, Reserva Geobotánica Pululahua. Carex subsacculata: (F1,F2,f), Pichincha, Reserva Biológica Yanacocha; the specimen in picture F1 is still inmature, while the one in picture F2 is fully ripe.

  Part of: Jiménez-Mejías P, Morales-Alonso A, Oleas NH, Sánchez E, Martín-Bravo S, Masa-Iranzo I, S. Meseguer A (2023) New relevant chorological and conservation data on Carex (Cyperaceae) and Hypericum (Hypericaceae) from Ecuador. Biodiversity Data Journal 11: e99603.