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Updated checklist of Azores Actinopterygii (Gnathostomata: Osteichthyes)
expand article infoLuís M. D. Barcelos‡,§, José M. N. Azevedo|,, João Pedro Barreiros‡,§
‡ Universidade dos Açores, Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal
§ ce3c - Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental, Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal
| University of the Azores, Ponta Delgada, Portugal
¶ ce3c - Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental, Ponta Delgada, Portugal
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Since the first published comprehensive checklist of Azorean fishes - covering the whole Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) region - several new records have been published and an updated checklist published in 2010. This new dataset covers all confirmed species of actinopterygians for the Azorean EEZ.

New information

In this update, we made corrections to the previous checklists, updated the taxonomy according to the most recent bibliography and added two new species to the Azorean Actinopterygii checklist.


checklist, fin fishes, new records, regional inventory, taxonomic update


There are over 16,000 fish species distributed by 85 orders and 536 families (Nelson et al. (2016). The Actinopterygii, commonly known as ray-finned fishes, are the largest group of living fishes. Although this group is well studied, it is still possible to discover new species or report new records for some areas.

Based on the previous list (Porteiro et al. 2010), we provide here an updated taxonomic classification following Fricke et al. (2021) and species records, by adding new records (Barreiros et al. 2014, Ribeiro et al. 2017, Barros-García et al. 2018), resulting in this checklist, already online on GBIF (Barcelos et al. 2020). This information can also be found in Suppl. material 1.

General description


Updating Azorean biota checklists.

Project description


Azores Actinopterygii - updated checklist


Luís Barcelos, José Azevedo, João Barreiros

Study area description: 

Azores Archipelago


Funding Institutions: Azores PO 2020 - ACORES-01-0145-FEDER-000072; TOTAL BUDGET: €299,901.83, EU Support: €254,916.56. This project was financed by FEDER in 85% and by Azorean Public funds by 15% through the Operational Programme Azores 2020. This work is also funded by FEDER funds through the COMPETE 2020 Programme and National Funds through FCT - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology under the Research Infrastructure PORBIOTA - Portuguese E-Infrastructure for Information and Research on Biodiversity, project number POCI-01-0145-FEDER-022127.

Geographic coverage


Azores EEZ (Economic Exclusive Zone) limits.


34 and 42.976 Latitude; -35.578 and -21 Longitude.

Taxonomic coverage


The dataset covers all the ray-finned fishes so far known to occur within the Azores' EEZ. Here, we present a list to the family taxonomic level. For each species and other information, see the Supplementary file.

Taxa included:
Rank Scientific Name Common Name
kingdom Animalia Animals
phylum Chordata
class Actinopterygii Ray-finned fishes
order Tetraodontiformes Puffers and filefishes
order Pleuronectiformes Flatfishes
order Gobiesociformes Clingfishes
order Perciformes Perch-likes
order Scorpaeniformes Scorpionfishes and flatheads
order Syngnathiformes Pipefishes and seahorses
order Zeiformes Dories
order Beryciformes Sawbellies
order Cetomimiformes Whalefishes
order Stephanoberyciformes ricklefishes, bigscales and gibberfishes
order Beloniformes Needle fishes
order Atheriniformes Silversides
order Mugiliformes Mullets
order Lophiiformes Anglerfishes
order Ophidiiformes Cusk eels
order Gadiformes Cods
order Polymixiiformes Beardfishes
order Lampridiformes Velifers, tube-eyes and ribbonfishes
order Myctophiformes Lanternfishes
order Aulopiformes Grinners
order Stomiiformes Lightfishes and dragonfishes
order Osmeriformes Smelts
order Clupeiformes Herrings
order Saccopharyngiformes Swallowers and gulpers
order Anguilliformes Eels and morays
order Notacanthiformes Halosaurs and deep-sea spiny eels
order Elopiformes Tarpons and tenpounders
family Molidae
family Diodontidae
family Tetraodontidae
family Ostraciidae
family Monacanthidae
family Balistidae
family Cynoglossidae
family Bothidae
family Scophthalmidae
family Gobiesocidae
family Caproidae
family Tetragonuridae
family Nomeidae
family Centrolophidae
family Istiophoridae
family Xiphiidae
family Scombridae
family Trichiuridae
family Gempylidae
family Sphyraenidae
family Scombrolabracidae
family Luvaridae
family Gobiidae
family Callionymidae
family Blenniidae
family Tripterygiidae
family Trachinidae
family Ammodytidae
family Chiasmodontidae
family Zoarcidae
family Scaridae
family Labridae
family Pomacentridae
family Chaetodontidae
family Kyphosidae
family Mullidae
family Sparidae
family Haemulidae
family Lobotidae
family Caristiidae
family Lutjanidae
family Bramidae
family Carangidae
family Echeneidae
family Coryphaenidae
family Pomatomidae
family Epigonidae
family Apogonidae
family Priacanthidae
family Callanthiidae
family Serranidae
family Epinephelidae
family Polyprionidae
family Howellidae
family Triglidae
family Sebastidae
family Setarchidae
family Scorpaenidae
family Dactylopteridae
family Centriscidae
family Fistulariidae
family Syngnathidae
family Zeidae
family Grammicolepididae
family Parazenidae
family Oreosomatidae
family Berycidae
family Trachichthyidae
family Diretmidae
family Anoplogastridae
family Rondeletiidae
family Stephanoberycidae
family Melamphaidae
family Scomberesocidae
family Belonidae
family Exocoetidae
family Atherinidae
family Mugilidae
family Linophrynidae
family Ceratiidae
family Oneirodidae
family Himantolophidae
family Melanocetidae
family Caulophrynidae
family Chaunacidae
family Antennariidae
family Lophiidae
family Bythitidae
family Ophidiidae
family Carapidae
family Lotidae
family Gadidae
family Phycidae
family Melanonidae
family Moridae
family Macrouridae
family Polymixiidae
family Regalecidae
family Stylephoridae
family Trachipteridae
family Radiicephalidae
family Lampridae
family Myctophidae
family Neoscopelidae
family Bathysauridae
family Paralepididae
family Anotopteridae
family Omosudidae
family Alepisauridae
family Evermannellidae
family Scopelarchidae
family Ipnopidae
family Notosudidae
family Chlorophthalmidae
family Synodontidae
family Aulopidae
family Stomiidae
family Phosichthyidae
family Sternoptychidae
family Gonostomatidae
family Alepocephalidae
family Platytroctidae
family Microstomatidae
family Bathylagidae
family Opisthoproctidae
family Clupeidae
family Eurypharyngidae
family Saccopharyngidae
family Cyematidae
family Serrivomeridae
family Nettastomatidae
family Congridae
family Nemichthyidae
family Derichthyidae
family Ophichthidae
family Synaphobranchidae
family Muraenidae
family Chlopsidae
family Anguillidae
family Notacanthidae
family Halosauridae
family Megalopidae

Usage licence

Usage licence: 
Creative Commons Public Domain Waiver (CC-Zero)
IP rights notes: 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 4.0 Licence.

Data resources

Data package title: 
Azores Actinopterygii updated checklist
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Azores Actinopterygii updated checklist
Data format: 
Darwin Core

Since the first published comprehensive checklist of Azorean fishes - covering the whole EEZ region - (Santos et al. 1997), several new records have been published and an updated checklist published (Porteiro et al. 2010). This new dataset covers all confirmed species of bony fish for the Azorean EEZ (Barcelos et al. 2020).

Column label Column description
ID sequential ID
TaxonID Taxon ID
parentNameUsageID ID of the parental name usage
scientificName Scientific Name
parentNameUsage Parent Name Usage
kingdom kingdom
phylum phylum
class class
order order
family family
genus genus
specific epithet specific epithet
taxon rank taxon rank
scientific Name Authorship Scientific Name Authorship

Author contributions

LMDB, JMNA and JPB published the updated checklist in GBIF IPT - Portugal and built the framework. LMDB developed this paper and uploaded all the files into the Arphahub platform. All authors read and edited the submitted version and agreed on its present version.


Supplementary material

Suppl. material 1: Azores' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) actinopterygians species list - supplementary information 
Authors:  Barcelos, LMDB; Azevedo, JMV; Barreiros, JP
Data type:  occurrence details, taxonomic remarks, IUCN status
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